Sometimes beign a woman means being one who faces a heartstopping series of attacks on a daily basis.
From the direct threat of physical harm from men – harresement of the street – to being lied to by men who claim to love you – to being stalked by trolls on facebook, its relentless, exhausting, deflating, demeaning – overwhelming.

Racism , sexism , oppression . A menu of cruelties fill my daily life .

I am a grown woman – one who is full aware of her power – and I feel this way. My heart goes out to young women…and I remember myself in my 20s, and I would not wish to be her again. Especially not today, because our society seems to walk more and more with predators than prey – there seems to be more the belief culturally that if you got abused – you must have done something to deserve it and should just get over it as soon as possible and be smarter next time.

Ours is the time of the sociopath.
In dating.
In Life.
In business.
In politics.
In dysfunctional religion.

This is the time where those with no conscience – have sway.
And push their agenda.
While mystifying to process, so that often even the prey have a hard time putting their finger on the fact that perpetration has happened.

There is no village counsel, no restorative justice.
There is no circle of elders to assist in begin the best humans we can be – only in either buying as much product or selling as much product as possible.

Battered prey do a great deal of buying – they do a great deal of selling – they are sick often, they make good addicts and are vulnerable to becoming predators themselves.

Its exhausting – I am exhausted.
I am praying for myself and this world.
May I harm no one.
And may i not be harmed.
May I stay strong,
May I always love.
May my vision be restored to beauty.
May this beauty manifest for my eyes and for all the world.
May we all know peace.
May we all be peace.

Good morning, my darlings.
I love you.

LSM/urban nana 2015

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