My life is amazing!

Its full of babies and laughter, pregnant women and midwives. Its full of children, mine and everyone else’s. Its steeped in this community , its joys and pains. Its grounded in God, My Mother Mary, Jesus and every angel in heaven, who regularly have tea with the Buddha, QuanYin, Yemeya and Oshun.

I love my body, my beauty, my intelligence and the fact that i am connected positively with all this in the face of racism and other lies – l respect my strong and loving spirit.

I stand in awe of myself as the capable adult and as guardian to myself as the helpless child – both are me, I am they.

In this life, i embrace all that there is – and pride myself in the fact that I feel almost every emotion there is at least once in every 24 hour cycle.

This is my life!
My circus; my monkeys .
I embrace the ride today.


holda domestic goddess

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