I think that it’s important for those who have been victimized to speak out on what happened !

Not in some weak and angry effort to shame the perpetrator. Perpetrators (sociopaths) are not capable of healthy shame in any case.

However , getting away with their behavior emboldens them, fuels their illness and insures that others will be hurt.

We must speak out – and speak out – and speak out for our own self esteem and healing and to allow the possibility of Justice .

The truth must strengthen us – help us heal the abuse, until there is justice .

I am sick of those of us who have been battered, abused, and abandoned hanging our heads while those who have caused injury are praised for being ” such good guys” (and yes women abuse…yes)

We must speak out , protect ourselves and protect each other .

And at the end of the day – the perpetrator has a soul , and that soul wishes to be halted and healed.

Let’s make it so .
For us all.



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