Every baby is our baby.
Every baby is the future of the entity of humanity!
How dare you ask why the child is here ?
How dare you hog resources only for your own lifetime;
and take resources from those who work to nurture life? Selfishness consumes, while a parent’s work has the ability to nurture true prosperity.
And a parents work needs the support of the community.
Don’t dare blame them when they struggle and maybe fail at a task that was never designed to be a job of one or 2 people.
Don’t palm off responsibility to anemic government agencies which at their heart scorns the people its was designed to serve.
No parent should have to beg his/her neighbors for help.
But if they humble themselves to do so,
the help should be swift
and with out lecture or condition.
That’s what a community looks like.

That is what was known as human nature..
Lets remember who we are.


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