Parenting! It’s madness.
A divine madness. Your life, your body, your soul, changes the moment you realize that a child is coming into your life. You gain weight , walk through labor all for this wet, sticky, sweet, smelling little body that you know you would die for – no question.
Then teething, toddling, temper tantrums, trips to the emergency room, learning and teaching boundaries, adolescence, and learning to communicate over and over again – learning how to love yourself so you can love them, deeper, better, stronger, each day. Just when you really have it down – they are on their own. And again you must discover a new language – how to be the respectful parent of an adult. More growth – for you – the child. And more love, so much more than can be expressed – it can only be felt, it can only swell in your heart until it feels like you will explode – but you don’t. You expand.
Its madness – and I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it.
My love today to all who are parenting children in all of the varied and wonderful ways that one can be and do the sacred work of parenting. Blessings.

pregnant couple  Margarita Sikorskaia, 1968

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