Somehow this morning I rise . And as I do I cast a circle of protection over my children and say my prayers for their health , safety and abundance as I have done from before their conception .

I cast a circle of protection over every black mothers’ child in the United States , for we live in a battle zone where your skin color marks you as prey , and your slightest infraction makes you a criminal and innocence is denied you.

I cast a circle of protection over all mothers’ children , every race , everywhere. May you live, and grow up strong and free and able to fix what my generation and those before mine has broken . I apologize. You deserve so much better .

And because it’s hard, and because there can be no hope of safety without it, I pray for perpetrators , I pray for the healing of their souls. I ask for the removal of whatever makes it possible for them to not see the precious uniqueness of the lives of others . May their minds be healed from the mental derangement of racism , sexism , and all of the beliefs that lead to actions of hate , harm , abuse and death .

I pray for myself , my life dreams and goals , I pray for help – I pray that my heart remains open although some days this seems almost impossible. I pray that God help me be the love I seek . I ask gods assistance in being able to see the bright and glorious soul of all Gods beautiful creation , every man woman and child , every animal and plant , every rock, grain of sand . I love you . I love you .

Dearest Holy Mother, loving Holy Father, I love you. Be with me , we with us all.

I hold all this in my heart, it mixes with my tears and I release it into the universe.

And …
Somehow , this morning , I rise.

Pray for me my darlings… You have mine.

Painting, Unconditional Love by Liliflor Art

Painting, Unconditional Love by Liliflor Art

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