This culture promotes the belief that our children need to be separate from their parents and community as soon as possible… I disagree.
And I am happy to see that Doctors like Gabor Mate agree with me. Children need parents to be as grounded and on as much of a healing path as they can be – so that they, the kids ,can see a version of how to live on this planet. Hopefully they are seeing the best version of this that the parent consciously can provide – what the child sees and experiences are the building blocks upon which they construct their reality and life.
The best scenario is when they can do this with their conscience and evolving parents rather than their struggling peers.
Kids will do the best they can with what they are given – it would be best for our society to support parents in giving the best vibration possible of themselves and of begin human to their children.
Bonding isn’t just necessary at birth – healthy solid bonding , with trusted and available human beings is necessary through an entire life span.
LSM 2016

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