This morning I’d like to show deep love respect appreciation for white allies here in Facebook and in the physical world.
Thank you for hanging in there and attempting the hard and painful work of unpacking that knapsack that you didn’t sign up for but showed up on your back as soon as you were born in this culture of white supremacy and racism .
Your diligence makes it easier for people of color and other oppressed groups to do their own healing and empowerment work .
And it can prevent the wasting of precious time in skirmishes between POC and whites instead of us all being able to join forces again the corporate culture of death that is destroying our planet,health and life, while robbing our children of a future .
It is simply meaningless for POC to join forces with white people unless this anti racism / unpacking privilege work is continued in earnest and with out ceasing .

And it’s not the job of POC to keep asking you to do it / or even to be appreciating of you as you proceed.
Nevertheless… it’s mandatory. It’s humane . It’s vital for the restoration of your humanity.

So,Keep at it .
Teach your people …

Love to you and to us all.
Looking forward to the day we can all truly stand together in power , health and peace .

Samsarah Morgan


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