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For Mrs Lacks

Last night I was on a panel.The focus was the story of Mrs Henrietta Lacks and the abuse of her cells , her death and the torment of her family.

Privileged people attempted to make the case , that this might be ok somehow because of the extreme benefit to humankind which resulted …

It took everything that I had to not start screaming…

As soon as I was able to speak I said – what matters at the end of the day is for us all to consider what kind of civilization we wish to be , do we feel that’s it’s ok to scarific others “for the greater good ” and without their consent .

And we need to Look further at who white supremacy and racism which makes sure the the darker your skin is – the fewer dollars in your bank account -the more likely it is for you to be the one sacrificed .

I was boiling with rage as I said this to these smug, numb faces.
When the panel was over the moderator shook my hand and commended me for the love I was able to express while giving a firm push back . She said she admired thus and wanted to learn how to do it.
I was grateful for her acknowledgement, because my head hurt , I was shaking inside, and I needed to cry, which I did when I got home.
I’m very clear that though I was speaking , it was God speaking through me. I’m grateful that as I spoke my truth , my holy mother held my hand.
I speak for them, and my ancestors, I speak for people of color , poor people , children , all those who are considered expendable by the smug privileged monied minority ….
I speak for them, not really to this audience …

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