Don’t give up – though it seems foolish to love, and politicians have pissed on the words, hope and change, recover those words. wash them off and make them ours again.

Don’t give in to despair, though you may feel that you are preaching into an empty room, your words bouncing off of empty ears – don’t stop loving.

Be kind. Be clear. Speak truth. Avoid the false ego boost of sarcasm and cruelty.

Radiate love, and seek others who do the same. You aren’t alone, I am committed to doing this too. If you feel lonely – lets sit together, even though you and I might be the only two beings who remember the weight and touch of love, we will have that to keep us warm.
And perhaps that heat – will warm the earth , and perhaps that light will draw others – who also feared that they were all alone.
And we will know comfort, and provide healing , and make authentic change – for our hearts, for all hearts.

I love you.

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