The Peoples School! A film about the People’s School..

QUESTION: If you are a resident of Oakland – or the Bay Area actually… Why have you not visited or supported the sit-in at Lake View Elementary. Do you know that there is a group of tired and dedicated people who are demonstrating to save not only Lakeview for 4 other schools which has been closed with no care for the future of Oaklands children, nor any way for these kids to get to schools now very far away from where they live.
Lakeview is scheduled to be used as offices for the Emeryville school district!

Why is Oakland allowing what should be their flagship elementary school – the school directly across from the Grand Lake theater and Lake Merritt – to use used by the Emeryville school district!

And I the only one who sees something very wrong with this picture???

there is going to be a march tomorrow – please be there.

on-going they need:
bedding food toys educational items
people to provide security
children to attend the Peoples School
class room parents are needed for freedom school
teachers to teach – art music…you name it…

Show up for Oakland Schools – and this non violent, drug free direct action – led by Oaklands parents & teachers; supported by Occupy Oakland and many members of the Oakland Green Party!!!!

for more information visit: www.

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