♥ Listen to Your Heart Chakra चक्रं
The center of the unstruck sound.
Tune into the pure silence of your heart
Trust and feel the surender with love . . .
Then you will always be guided
Truly free ~ on the right path happily* – Author Unknown

Healers always need a healing –
as i attend to the physical symptoms of my plugged up and ringing ear
I recall the healing question posed to me by my dear friend and acupuncturist Dafina Kuficha . “what is it that you are refusing to hear?”
At he asking of this question, my inner child stuck out her tongue.
And my inner adolescent sputtered expletives.
But the wise inner adult felt in my core the truth of the question, and sighed.

and so today I wrote down in my journal -all that I have been running from.
All that has been scaring me.
All that I have been toughing it through.
The list was long, I am sad to say.

and to today, I recommit.
and I ask for the help of my ancestors, and the God I love so dearly.

My ears are open – I will listen,
for the sounds of you comfort and council.
Running on my own steam – get me no where – I know this.
But walking you has always brought me peace and purpose.

And so I recommit
I will slow down
I will love more, and myself first
and I will hear you,
I will hear the Song of my life!

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