A deserving world by L. Samsarah Morgan

In the town of Hamlin, there was a serious problem. There was a plague of rats! An extremely unfortunate situation! Mysteriously, a piper appeared and met with the governor of the town and the other town leaders. He claimed to have the power to free the town of the ravening rodents and in desperation the town leaders agreed to hire the piper and struck a price for his services, that of one thousand guilders.

The piper left the town hall and began to play his song and from everywhere in the town – the rats came! Young and old the rats followed the pipers’ song as he led them to a nearby river. One by one the rats jumped in and were drowned!! That is, except one old rat who managed to get away. He was able to tell the other rats of the horrible day and thereby assured that the town of Hamlin remained rat free forever.

Do you know this tale? I am sure that you do. And so you know that when the piper returned to the town leaders requesting pay – the crafty politicians refused to hand over his due payment. They quite rudely attempted to send him on his way telling him that they would pay him one guilder “out of the kindness of their hearts”.

The piper warned them that they would regret their actions and the party of politicians laughed at him. He calmly left the city hall, but arrived the next day, no longer in the bright colors of a piper – but in hunters green. He put his pipe to his lips and began to play the sweetest song anyone ever heard. By and by, one by one the children followed the piper; running, dancing and singing they followed him out of the town and away into a magical hill side that opened up to welcome them. We know this because there was one little child left behind to tell the tale. One lame child who could not keep up with the others, but saw the door close on a wondrous play land being enjoyed by his able bodied playmates. Poor dear!

How many times have you heard this story? Many times, I am sure. I know that I have read this tale, seen it as a play, and enjoyed it as a classic movie and only this month did something dawn upon me… The children of the town danced away from their home and hearth – AND THERE WAS NOT ONE ADULT WHO ATTEMPTED TO STOP THEM… Interesting, isn’t it?

The tale ends with the parents complaining to the magistrates about the loss of the children – fearing that they are dead. The lame boy assures the parents that the children are not dead – they are quite alive, living in paradise and that they will return. “When the world deserves them”.

We presently live in a world that doesn’t deserve our beautiful children. When I speak of the world, I am not speaking of the amazing blue marble designed to be the perfect space for human, plant and animal life. I am speaking of the world of commerce, governance and corporations. The folks who tell parents that the drugs given to a momma in labor do not reach her baby in any way. They say that formula is the same as the nourishment of breastfeeding. They forbid parents to complain when they suspect that mercury and other additives in immunizations may have caused harm to their child. They remove children from the custody of parents who choose to meet their children’s biological needs for closeness and nurture. They lie and say high fructose corn syrup is just sugar – nothing else. And infant boys feel no pain when surgical steel removes the foreskins from their little penises when they are just 24 hours old.

These things are just as amazing to me as the thought of those parents in Hamlin – standing there passively as their boys and girls danced out of their town – never to be seen again.

It’s important for us as parents to fight to stay awake and to shake off the enchantment of false statements. We have a powerful tool, our own basic common sense to guide and sustain us. We shake off the enchantment with information. When we simply refuse to proceed lock step and turn over the emotional and physical wellbeing of our offspring to “experts” or government officials. We are called by the virtue of having created our remarkable children to check in with ourselves, seek out our instincts, seek all of the information we can on an issue, pro and con – and then only after we are completely satisfied – consenting to anything that affects the wellbeing of our young ones.

That means we may be inconvenienced – that we may have to take time off from work to care for a child who is recovering from a childhood illness. We have to work within our community to be sure that such childcare is available – not only to us but for all of the parents in our community. We may need to feel uncomfortable as we explain to our little boys why it is their penises look different than their daddies’ circumcised ones. We may have to endure and redirect the whining of our child when we deny them access to non-foods and genetically modified sugars.

That means we maintain our power – the buck stops with us and if we say yes – we are willing to stand by it. Doing this is setting an amazing example of personal, community and civic responsibility – because this process of taking responsibility will brightly color every aspect of your family life. It will affect the how, where and with whom your children are born, how they will be nourished, educated, housed. It will profoundly determine the quality of the city, county, state and country your child will live in – the God your child will worship and ultimately the sort of parent they will be when and if they make that blessed choice.

All because you, their parent stayed awake and aware – and did all you could to create a world which deserved your precious child. That world would indeed be Paradise.

I wish you strength dear parents and I send you love.

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