You know it’s a bit tiring . I wish the attempt to shame people who care and have a reaction when an actor or artist they love dies would stop.
No we don’t know them / but for some people an actor , song , movie or book – could have been the thing that healed them , helped them grow , taught them something vital , began their life of activism, Brightened their spirits or gave them the desire to keep living .
Sure I wish that the world stopped for whenever a human life senselessly ended – and believe me it isn’t stopping for the most recent dead celebrity – it’s still turning.
Corporations are still raping our future – let’s join in outrage about that !
In my opinion this would be a vital use of our time – and would save many lives .
My prayers this morning go out to all who are grieving the loss of someone (anyone ) they love. May you be surrounded by compassion . I send you my love!


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