indian farmer

Recent counts tell us that over 250,000 farmers in India have committed suicide.
They have done this in response to the criminal debt slavery imposed upon them by agribusiness and corporations like Monsanto.

They were tricked into taking out loans to buy GMO seeds, as opposed to saving their seeds they and their forefather have done for centuries…

This seeds do not produce the abundant crops that were promised – actually – the yield a much more inferior crop.

The GMO seeds have a suicide gene, which don’t not allow for re-germination.. (evil) and so the farmers are stuck having to pay year after year for new seed – which are incredibly expensive.

These farmers can’t pay their bills and are losing their farms. Lands that have been under the stewardship of many of these people for centuries.

The farmers have taken to killing them selves – by drinking one of the instruments of their despair – they drink the insecticide Round up – a Monsanto product.

BTW – the figure above does not take into account the many woman who are also committing the ultimate act of despair…

My prayers for the men and women of the earth in India…

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