I take a deep breath and state that I am no longer willing to teach Racism 101 . At least not gratis. It is simply too hard and too damaging to my core.. perhaps if I magically became wealthy.. I would because sadly many still require this instruction.

I prefer to teach Racism 600 and above – there is hope there; where the students are aware that there is a problem,know the part they play in the problem, know what the problem is , know their privilege, and are willing to take action steps to reduce and or eliminate racism and internalized oppression from their thoughts, actions, clubs, organizations, churches, towns, states, and world.

They know its hard and they know that have been programmed not to look at how their fears are used to keep themselves and others down. They are committed to heal – no matter the cost.. Be it friends or jobs of family members or mates. They wish to root out the illness of racism (of all isms) and feel free to love themselves, others the planet. Authentically love it all…. They have the will and desire for permanent on going change…

And they know that the LEARNING IS NEVER OVER… it continues from the day we are born until we pass into what ever our understanding of our next chapter is..Its a muscle that must be exercised by out conscious effort upon it – always..always…

And it’s no something that can be “handled for us elsewhere…or by the past sacrifices of others…. each generation must reclaim justice and love..

From there – I can facilitate and support growth and feel nourished in the doing. Sadly – there aren’t enough to fill the 600 classes.

And there aren’t enough who even realize that they ought to check out the 101 class.

Thus the pain continues, separation, abuse and often death follows.
So, with weary eyes towards God, I teach Racism 101, no matter the price. It’s what is needed.. (sigh)

Perhaps this is part of a teachers karma, or at least THIS teachers karma. Or maybe I can find strength in the fact that this appears to be the role of all spiritual teachers on the planet in this day and age.

And so, I take another deep breath channel God’s love and say,
Lets begin…..
Racism is…..

The above is dedicated to all teachers of love, justice, and peace..

C2014 L. Samsarah Morgan / Urban Nana

#racism #betweenarockandahardplace

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