I am so saddened when ever I hear a new mother lament that how she “wants her body back”.

Why yearn for the past?… That body, that pre mom body will never return.
However a new body is being formed – a body made more beautiful by the process of child-bearing and nursing.. A body being made more healthy, especially if one is a nursing mother.

Love, right now, the body you have – give thanks for what you were able to do – bring life into the world.
With time, love, good and balanced eating and breastfeeding – your momma’s body will be revealed.

There is nothing more sexy than a healthy, happy, and confident woman.
Health, happiness and confidence are not to be found on the covers of most fashion magazines, or concert stages..
Breathe easy…

Your body is wonderfully made.
It is whole perfect and complete.
There is no lack in you.
You have all you need to meet you needs and that of your family.
You are embracing,true beauty, health, confidence, happiness, and your momma’s body. More and more each day.
L Samsarah Morgan, C 2014

black momma nursing!

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