Remembering the times spent in these buildings. Working and friendships; life and loves.
Remembering how it felt to be a young black girl from the “boroughs” who got to work there – how proud I was…then. How grown up I felt. Working in the heartbeat of the word’s financial body..
I now know how toxic that heart is – and that while I worked with pride in financial services, and supported my little boys as a young single mother – my actions , my support of the toxic system of corporatization and capitalism, and the military industrial complex, made life hell for other mothers, other children. I in my priviledge as citizen of the USA allowed be to ignorant of this and this made me an accomplice in it.

I am glad for maturity – glad that I have now chosen to take the “right” pill. Glad that I see clearly.. and yet..
Today, I grieve – for those buildings – and for friends I will never see again. I grieve for people whose whereabouts I was never able to determine – and for bright smiling perfect souls – who now for may years have been under the heart of the God they loved so very well.

I miss those faces – I miss those voices – I miss those buildings – I always will.

@2014 l samsarah morgan/urban nana

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