Everything in me hurts…

Why? I dont know.. Did I expect better that this?
Not really.
Hoped..Prayed…But at the end of the day, I have been a Black person in the USA for quite some time now. And I have seen too much and seen and experienced too much to think that something else would happen.

If racist slime pollutes the “progressive” air of the Bay Area, what did I expect from Ferguson, MO?


The work continues…
My heart is with Michael Brown’s family and friends and with the people of Ferguson. I feel your anger and frustration and I stand with you.

My dear God, please walk with these people strengthen them in their frustration and righteous anger. Let no harm come to any protestor. Let no police officer disgrace him/herself by abusing the public they are sworn to serve. Stay the arm of the government provocateurs whose job it is to make it ok to harm the public in response to their state sanctioned violence,

Not one window is worth the life of one human being. Not one. Not one.


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