The temptation towards hate is so so strong.
It wells up inside me tonight toxic hot hate..
I breathe it out like I once breathed labor contractions and I pray that I have the strength to not give my power away.
Love is my balance. Love is who I am. Love is the suns rays when the clouds of racism steal all the light from my view.
Damn you !! I will not hate you. I will not curl up with you – there is no room for you in my life.
Yet, I am sworn to see you die – not because I hate you. But because you, racism and all of your toxic cousins must die.
I as a mother must squeeze the life out of you – for the protection of my children .

Your must die so that they and other brown and black people have the opportunity to live.

You and they cannot coexist – it’s clear.

So listen for my footsteps-
I am coming for you.
I won’t hate .
But I won’t allow you to live,
Watch your back.


12/3/14 Samsaah Morgan / Urban NanaEric-Garner-memorial-BK

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