Today is earth day

It is not for the earth we should pray –
She will remain once we can no longer breathe the air and are consuming synthetic water.

It is humanity that will vanish – after generations of suffering and after the 1% has sucked the last of the marrow out of the bones of the poor and misguided middle class – only to jet off to their new colony elsewhere..

After all this takes place and the last human departs this blue ball – she will shake her self off and start again…

This saddens me..
Not for this earth , but for generations s I will never see who will suffer due to todays insurance, fear and short sightedness. I pray for them,
I pray for us –
And I continue to do all I can
so that what I fear will not come to pass.
For although I will not see the faces of my great great grandchildren – I fiercely love them.

But, sweet Mother Earth ?- she is going to be just fine…eventually.


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