There are seriously way more important things happening in the world .
But I am going to take a moment to say good bye and rest in peace to McDreamy.. Derek Shephard.
He was a rarity on television – overall this character was a kind , and loving man , sensitive and aware – he loved his partner and was a devoted father . He was a master of his craft, a feeling and brilliant doctor .
Rare rare… Television has become the home of the sadist, sociopath, sex addict as the hero.
He was unusual – well written – and for the time I have given to this series ( I watched the first few seasons when I was ill 2 years ago ) a pleasure to watch and care about .
Rest in peace McDreamy , you and Mr. Darcy will have much to discuss ….
As you are both men of honor.


Entertainment weekly discusses the demise of McDreamy with Patrick Dempsey

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