Dear ones,
Break whatever chains hold you back from loving yourself.
Love yourself.
Take care of your body.
Enrich your character.
Embolden your soul.
Live long.
Live long.
Though this walk is often hard.
Walk it.
There truly is a reason that we are here.
We all have a purpose.
Find the reason, find the purpose, and if you already know – dont let the haters talk you out of it.
This walk is short, and often painful
and taken well, it can be steeped in beauty.
Don’t give up.
Don’t settle for numbness, illness , addictions.
Don’t curl up with their diagnosis of your existence.
Don’t give your power away.
Walk with me.
Let be each other’s company.
Lets be each others strength.
I need you. I love you.
Let’s go….
Time to live…

c2015 L Samsarah Morgan / Urban Nana

you are the result of the love of thousands

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