What happend at last weeks NetRoots conference was very important.

Its was a perfect example of how white priviledge expresses itself… Its was a moment a white person, Bernie Sanders ,was confronted with not just his good intentions – but and actual moment when he was being called to step back but stay in support of people of color, specifically expressive or even angry women of color.

I am focusing on Mr Sanders, because I do feel that he has the best record of attempting to be and ally to POC and all people. All being said, he failed miserably in this moment as his automatic response was to become petulant and defensive when his agenda was thrown off track…

Racism, its lives in the US citizens cells, deep in our deep unconscious. We must all be conscious of it in order to save lives.

When POC do this work, we save ourselves, our minds and hearts our connection to each other.

When white people do it, People of Color’s lives are spared.

And we all will live longer and with more abundance upon the earth…

I did hear and see his statements after this even and appreciate Mr Sanders attempt to show support for #blacklivematters

And I maintain that that first response ought not to be jumped over so quickly. Rather lets take a closer look, without blaming – and learn from it.

bernie sanders nrn2015

How Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley Botched #BlackLivesMatter article from The Atlantic

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