Hey New Agers, Progressives and Radicals..
I am all about love. however change often requires uncomfortable feelings – the way out is through..

Pretending that they don’t exist or that those who feel them aren’t “doing it right” is as hateful, arrogant, and ignorant as the Klansmans belief that being white makes one superior.

If the intention is to build community – then the builders have to be willing to do the work of unpacking privilege, healing personal trauma, and truly being examples of how to life fully and consciously ,without prejudice on the earth.

The example will be the light that will call others to begin to live in balance and with justice truly for all.

When it starts to hurt – that’s a sign that the work has just begun..that s not the time to quit! Getting triggered can be a sign that you are wakening into your self – get support – heal those broken places – get strong! I am down to support you in that work – that taking of deep responsibility!

If you aren’t ready for this – please know that I wish you well and have no desire to work with you.

There is simply too much at stake to waste time and enable your privilege and unconscious desire to control.

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