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Happy World Doula Week!

On Fathers and Faith

Interestingly enough; I found myself pondering fatherhood on the feast day of St. Joseph. I am pondering fatherhood partly in grief as I am in the process of saying goodbye to my beloved pastor, Father Seamus Genovese, who passed from this world last Wednesday. With my pastor, one more of the three significant father figures […]

Boobie Palooza – Birth Options Panel

It was my pleasure to be on a panel at last month’s event in the birthing / parenting community “Boobie Palooza”. Enjoy!

Puppies Up! Children Down!

Nationwide makes everyone sad during the super bowl link to article. What a drag Nationwide Insurance inflicted big bummer on the American public! Whilst all were gathered to enjoy their yearly portion of NFL Bread & Circuses – they dared to run an serious commercial regarding child safety! America is up in arms with the […]

Family Meeting

At the request of my son, Joseph. My grown children and i had a conversation. It was not a perfect conversation; we are not perfect people. What it was, Was hearetfelt. It was a conscioulsy honest as we each were capable of being. It was authentic, precious, and full of love. And it was enough. […]

Birthday Blessings Dr. King (Selma)

I am very happy today. Happy to see the renewed interest in the fighting spirit of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr. The film Selma shows us a glimpse into what feels like a real man. Not a saintly martyr, but s shrew, intelligent, and thoughtful man. A Christian man, serving his community – a […]

To the officers who turned their backs

Dear New York Police officers , who turned their backs on their mayor, , here is what might be a very difficult thought, so bear with me. It is not shared with hatred. I do not hate you, It is share with love. The life of a police office is not more valuable than the […]

Saturday Mornings

In September this year, an era ended. Did you notice? September 27, 2014 was the last Saturday that morning cartoons were shown. No more Saturday cartoons! If you didn’t know, don’t feel bad. I found out myself by accident I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed a short video requiem decrying the end this childhood […]

I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!

The temptation towards hate is so so strong. It wells up inside me tonight toxic hot hate.. I breathe it out like I once breathed labor contractions and I pray that I have the strength to not give my power away. Love is my balance. Love is who I am. Love is the suns rays […]

The problem with projection

There are white police officers who feel demoralized by the icy stare of a youth of color. So demoralized that they fear for their lives and shoot to kill. This is the most powerful and deadly image of projection and racism presenting in our country now.. Note: the one with power, projects that power onto […]