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We Gotta Pray

(You know) We gotta pray We gotta pray We gotta pray, pray for the world tonight We gotta save, somebody save somebody tonight Fire in the air, what the hell goin’ on? Sirens everywhere, singin’ that street song Violence everywhere, barely holdin’ on What the hell goin’ on? Do you know who you are? Do […]

Look.. There it is, racism!

What happened at last weeks NetRoots conference was very important. Its was a perfect example of how white privilege expresses itself… Its was a moment a white person, Bernie Sanders ,was confronted with not just his good intentions – but and actual moment when he was being called to step back but stay in support […]

The Power of words by Samsarah Morgan

As a teenager, I read and wrote all of the time. I was never without a book in my hand. I loved to read, and not only that: books were protection. This is what I mean. If I were sitting at the kitchen table, and my father stormed through seeking an outlet for his frustration, […]

Saving a life.

Not all of the time – but very often, we have the ability to help each other decided to stay alive. My thanks and gratitude today to friends who think of a loved one, and follow up with a call and an invitation to connect.. Followed by connection, acceptance, compassion and time. How powerful it […]


Every morning she greeted her demons with a weary but determined gaze. “Hello folks, “She whispered. ” I see you, Don’t think I don’t, but walk behind me, and keep the noise down please. I’ve got too much to get done today.” She then said her prayers, cried her tears, and got to it. Csmorgan2015

Shiney New Life

So grateful for the shiny new life my lovely grandchild walks in. She is worth all that we, her family has been wise enough to bow down to give. How honored I am to be the Nana of this brand new and excellent young woman! Scholar and Artist! I ask our Holy Mother to to […]

It will

I am taking deep breaths – and asking for despair to be lifted. May my eyes refocus to see the truth of things again: hope, love,care,affection,honesty. Though they seem far from my vision right now, may rest and prayer removed these clouds from my souls horizon. May my thoughts return to what I know is […]

Time walk – l samsarah morgan

Dear ones, Break whatever chains hold you back from loving yourself. Love yourself. Take care of your body. Enrich your character. Embolden your soul. Live long. Live long. Though this walk is often hard. Walk it. There truly is a reason that we are here. We all have a purpose. Find the reason, find the […]

Goodbye, Sweet Prince!

There are seriously way more important things happening in the world . But I am going to take a moment to say good bye and rest in peace to McDreamy.. Derek Shephard. He was a rarity on television – overall this character was a kind , and loving man , sensitive and aware – he […]

Earth Day 2015

Today is earth day It is not for the earth we should pray – She will remain once we can no longer breathe the air and are consuming synthetic water. It is humanity that will vanish – after generations of suffering and after the 1% has sucked the last of the marrow out of the […]