This morning I find myself remembering Sister John Joseph, my teacher in 3rd grade. It was she who discovered that I often transposed numbers and that this often resulted in errors and bad grades for me.
Once she realized what was happening, she would never mark me wrong , she would figure out what I meant and if it were simply matter of a transposed numbers – she would give me credit.
one day I sat crying in class – looking at a quiz that was filled with her notes and connections, I felt overwhelmed and tired
After class she sat next to me and asked about my tears, “Sister , I am so stupid, ” I said.
Oh No dear, she said you are actually quite bright, you got the answers right, it’s not that you don’t know how to multiply – it’s just that your brain does something interesting with the numbers – but you know the mechanics of the thing – you know it well”
“But you had to do so much marking on my paper” I Lamented. “It looks all wrong to me”
She nodded slowly and sat near me – she took my hand,
I am so sorry dear, I can see how this must look to a child – but try to understand that this isn’t an indication of your intelligence. It means that you have a wonderful brain that sees things bit differently than others do. God has given you this brain for a reason, as you grow up you will find out how this wonderful brain will help you to serve God, and be a good woman. You will see. I promise. That your wonderful brain will bring you challenges that will strengthen you. ” She cups my face in her hands. ” God makes no mistakes, you are perfect and so is your unique brain.” She hugged me.
I am going to talk to your father and we’ll get you some help in understanding how your brain works, and how we can work together in school so you can feel better about all of this – ok?”
“yes Ma’am” I sniffed into her bosom,
“So,” She said, ” Sitting up and patting my cheek, ” On to your next class – its english, isn’t it?”
I nodded, “Tell Sister Pat that I’d like you to write me one of your beautiful stories to-day – I love your stories.”
“yes, ma’am,” I said I smiled and found the energy to skip to English class – wondering about my wonderful brain.
Bless you Sister. Thank you for being such a good and kind teacher, and you were right about my wonderful brain it’s served me and I trust it serves God, well.

L Samsarah Morgan 2016


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