Today I received news regarding a case that has profoundly upset me these past few months.

It is the case of a Detroit Mom, Maryanna Godboldo. Maryanne is the mom an  Thirteen  yearold daughter . When her child was eleven- after 3 years of home schooling her child.  She and her daughter felt that it was time to experience public school. Their community required immunizations upon enrollment in school.    She allowed her child to be immunized, thinking that since her child was eleven, that there would be no problem with this.  Unfortunately, within hours of receiving the immunizations her child developed a severe reaction which doctors “treated” with an anti psychotic medication! This mother did not want her child given this medication – she wanted and investigation of the possible affect of the immunizations her child had been given – the doctor refused to do this, but declared her child seriously ill and said that the medication was the only way to deal with the situation.

Bear in mind, that this was a perfectly healthy child – in fact the same doctor who had given her a clean bill of health, was now proclaiming that her child was ill to the point of needing a very powerful anti-psychotic medication!   Her bright and beautiful child was changed forever!

This mom, worked within the system – and made a treatment plan with the medical personnel working with her child.  The point of this treatment plan created witht he approval of the doctors, was to eventually wean her child from this medication, and in the mean time this mom was taking her child to holistic health providers to actually treat her child’s ailment.  After many months of care, her child was finally off the mediaction.

Social services was informed that her child was not on the medication – and had a problem with this Mom’s choices. They arrived at her door with armed police and demanded to take her child into their custody!  This resulted in a stand off between this mom and the police!  These polic edid not even have the reasonable paper work necessary to take her child.  The police kicked in door and removed her daughter!

After months of hell, the all for the charges against this momma have been dropped – but she still does not have custody of her child.  She will need to fight to have her connection with her daughter restored and not only that – the child was again placed on the medication her mother fought for months to have her system cleansed of!

This mom had every right to remove a toxin from her child’s system – she very correctly saw her daughter’s decline as she took this medication – and she had every right to seek true and lasting treatment for her child.  And bottom line – her child was not psychotic – her child was suffering from brain swelling which  is symptom of the damage caused BY THE IMMUNIZATION!

This child is being mistreated in the group home they have taken her to and this mom has been informed that her child has been diagnosed with and STD while under the care of the state!

This momma now is needing tremendous support in paying her legal fees as she fights to her her child restores to her arms.  If you would like to help please visit  This is a complete disgrace and should not be tolerated – the CPS in this community kidnapped this child from her home and administered a drug to her against her parent’s will.

This story is beyond belief and if I didn’t see the videos myself – I would be hard pressed to believe it!  This momma, this African American momma, has shown such strength of character – it unbelievable! In the face of a parents worst nightmare! If you can support this family – please, please do so!

Yesterday, was the first day of school in Oakland, CA.  There has been a decision made to push immunizations on our high school age children.  On the marque out side the school  – the following is proclaimed “No immunizations – no school”.  I need to say that this is an absolute lie.  A parent in the state of California, has every  legal  right to decline having their child’s blood stream violated by vaccines. Parents here has the right to decline for religious as well as due to personal preference.

It is the responsibility of the parent to do their own in depth research – not just to bow down to the authorities – but to stand up as parents who are obligated beyond the law for the health and safety of their child!  How many parents know that they have the right to say no – how many poor families or families of color will have to feel the horror of watching their happy healthy children suddenly become grievously ill – and why? Because money is being made my doctors, and school systems… Did you know that schools receive funding based upon how many children are vaccinated?  If parents have done their due diligence – and decide to immunize – that is their choice and they mist be willing to live with the consequences, good or ill.  But if parents aren’t informed as to the possible affects on their child due to the immunizations they are not being given informed consent – and their hands are being tied.

There is a rational debate about the efficacy of immunizations – and every parent is obligated to know every aspect of this debate – pro and con.  And then – let the chips fall as they may.

For trust worthy information regarding the holistic arguments against immunization, please consult the work of Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Google her and watch her video presentations on YouTube. The amazing team of Sear & Sears, has a very grounded and well researched book, “The Immunization Book” and has a web site loaded with very useful  and up to date information.

I am very thankful that the charges against Ms. Godboldo have been dropped. I pray that she is soon reunited with her daughter, now 12.   And I sorrow and am furious at the state sponsored rape of this young girl.

Mothers 10 hour siege with police ends.

The Health Ranger interviews Maryanne Godboldo.

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