It never fails to amaze me.
I can have long discussions with activists regarding the evils of corporations and governments…
We bemoan the pollution of the globe and the damage done to its climate and the potential for our species to continue..
we an angry that there are those without jobs and health care….

We are aware that the reason these ills exist is due to the financial reward to corporations.

But when the conversation turns to health and/or immunizations, those same individuals will send me studies, provided by government and corporate funded science to prove their point…

Its confusing and sad.

All i say is that we ought to have the same curiosity and protective nature towards this field as we do to all of the other areas of activism.

Lets not make parents who have chosen to not immunize their children crazy or a problem . While drug manufactures grow fat on their profits – and the health of the American child is not better, is grows worse each generation.

If vaccines, do work, give us a safe vaccine, not ones filled with known toxins….

Don’t create special rules that except vaccine makers from being sued if a parent feels that their child was injured by vaccines. The is a luxury allowed to no other drug maker…

A child born this year – has a lower life expectancy than the generation before it. This is a first… This should give us pause. And I am not only pointing at vaccines as the only culprit here – there are many factors responsible for this sobering trend. I encourage curiosity of them all and rigorous activism.

If a parent knows exactly whats in a vaccine. Know and how a vaccine is supposed to work, and believes that they do, not based on the MSM take on it – but again via their own research on both sides of this subject. Then they have done due diligence and they made their best decision as parents and guardians to the next generation.

The very same is true of the parent who chooses not to vaccinate . Such parents are not ignorant and lazy, with no regard for their child’s health or regard for the general population. These parent are showing the same level of agency for their child and others yet to be born, they have read the labels – they have done the research – and they are saying no… A fundamental human right….

Lets not fight with each other, but lets please be and stay curious….

This culture tells us the lie that curiosity kills..

Curiosity empowers.

It is a sign of intelligence.

It often requires great courage and,

Curiosity saves lives.


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