Warning: If you have not yet seen this film, the following may contain information that will spoil things for you. I have attempted to not fully discuss plot details. Cinema Espritiu’s goal is to seek out the spirit of this film. My definition of this is the heart, soul or, deep message within the film, television or musical experience. I hope that you enjoy this review and that you do see this film. I rate this film 5 halos 🙂 my highest rating.

Lucy 2014
Scarlett Johansson
Morgan Freeman
Amr Waked

Lucy is a tale of rapid evolution.

It is the story if an empty, privileged young white woman. She is traveling in china. attending school we are led to believe; but we are not told what subject. Her peer group is a pack of immature, ungrounded Americans who are living studying in China partying together, having sex and doing drugs.

She is a nice young women; a good person. An ungrounded goodness which makes her vulnerable to being used by others. At the moment we meet her, she has not given her existence much thought. I got the feeling that she would never consciously harm anyone however she is unevolved. But she hadn’t considered giving that much to the world, either. She is typical . She is empty. She is traveling – but not searching, she is clueless of the the depth her life could touch.

In this fog she is tricked by a man she has been dating but a week into being a mule for a mysterious new drug. Her life is violently threatened and her abdomen cut open and pouch of this drug inserted into her. After a beating, this pouch bursts within her and this drug begins to leach into her body. This drug begins to e increase the metabolism of her body as well as increases the amount of her brains functionality. Her consciousness begins to expand and expand rapidly.

lucy in danger

Through her terror and confusion, Lucy moves through the deepening levels of her evolution into a place of deep appreciation and understanding of the unbelievable beauty and fragility of existence. She sees the interconnectedness of her beingness and that of every being on the planet. She is aware of the life essence of air, the rocks and dirt.

She achieves a deep gratitude for the journey of living – and an especially touching moment in the film is when she dials her mother to thank her for the love and nurturing in infancy that her mother devoted to her. Memories that her mother exclaimed, that it was impossible for her to have remembered. But due to her expanded consciousness, Lucky did remember – down to the smallest detail and with such exquisite tenderness, that she is overcome with tears.

She has an earth bound task to complete, and this is to bring the drug lord who has injured her to justice. And this she does coolly and with detached courage. This isn’t a matter of revenge for her – it is a matter of correcting an imbalance. And as her consciousness grows, she realizes that the mystery of this drug must be not be allowed to be peddled as the next trendy street drug – it must be brought into the hands of persons who might have more that a clue of what this drug could mean to humanity.

Lucy’s face becomes radiant with the pure bliss of it all. She is aware that this evolution will take her past what she knows as her physical body. She moves forward powerfully and with grace to do what she ia now clear is the right thing to do. to share this journey in the hope that humanity will benefit. She becomes awake. She begins to live. She evolves.
She let’s go of her small self and becomes one with all that there is.

I enjoyed this film much more than I thought I would. And yes its a hollywood production – lots of spiffy special effects, and a huge dose of violence. It’s not a film for children, and if you are sensitive to visual violence, you might wait until it’s on the small screen. But as I watched this film I truly felt a deeper story calling out to me. And I trust that this was intentional. Hollywood, after all has to be concerned with making money – but artists’ souls’ seek to uplift and educate. I can only guess how much bargaining went into the making of this film. A powerful deal was struck here; they did a great job. However, I left hungry for more, more exploration of on the topics of consciousness and evolution. I was filled with the desire to do more research on our amazing human brain and its capacities. And so in that way,I feel this film was successful as a curiosity spark for those who are so inclined.

And for everyone else – there were: special effects, car chases, martial arts moves and stunning shots of Paris, and handsome French policemen!

I recommend this film highly. Let me know what you think.
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  1. Thank you Samsarah for writing such a perceptive, thoughtful and heartfelt review.

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