Big Pharma seeks to reduce our choices in no many areas. I pray that we are smarter, move faster…and are brave.

We ought not bow down to any governmental or corporate entity which seeks to remove our personal and reasonable right to bodily integrity . Such laws will NOT ensure safety for anyone, other than drug manufacturers.

This ought to be fundamental. I thought this was verified and confirmed as part of the Nuremberg Laws. Should it save the entire world; one person should not be forced to submit to any medical procedure or experimentation.

Since the fundamental study – the one that would compare vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, has not been done; this means that every family is now being asked to participate in a massive field study. The results are rolling in – some children are not doing well. Some children are dying. But those parents are being told that they are crazy and selfish. Poor parents are being reported to CPS.

Our masters, big pharma and its minions in our government now want to make it law that everyone participate in this – it will begin with the children and then there will be a schedule of adults vaccinations (medications) that will be made mandatory.

Vaccines makers are protected by law and there for you cannot sue them if you or your family has any sort of drug reaction, or death. They are the only medicine producers who have this protection – so there have NO incentive to hear the voices of consumers and create safer formulations of their product.

California has approx 97% vaccination compliance. Certainly more than enough to comply with “herd immunity” concerns.

So why this push? Why are religious groups ie the Amish, being arrested and their children vaccinated.

This year we had less than 200 hundred people catch the measles and neither injury, nor death in this cluster (hardly an epidemic).

If there is a 100 per cent vaccinated population – that vital study – that primary study can never be done.. And this is why I believe this rush to mandate is happening in a coordinated strike across the country.

This has been a very effective scare campaign, and at the end of the day – US citizens who have lost so much in the way of basic human rights just in my life time – are on the way to losing so much more.

One actually has a much better change of survival of a case of measles than life in a fascist state.

That too has been well proven.

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