Restorative justice requires that society look with empathy and compassion on the victim as well as the perpetrator, and works to bring healing to them both. It acts to bring as much hard restitution to the injured as possible, rather than empty revenge .
At the end of the day – revenge really doesn’t heal trauma – it’s a breeding ground for it.
Restitution , Amends, and restoration , can restart a life.



Samsarah Morgan, DD Cht.
Is a counselor coach and hypnotherapist in private practice in Oakland Ca. She is a doula, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting educator and family life coach. She is the founder and executive director of Nia Healing Center for Birth and Family Life ( and Oakland Better Birth Foundation (
Announcing the publication of Children’s Village Tales of an Urban Nana by Samsarah Morgan.
Please visit to purchase a copy of the ebook.
10% of proceeds will be donated to the work of Oakland Better Birth Foundation – a physical copy of the book will soon be available.


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