I am all for rooting out all the ways that rape culture rules.

Between men and women , girls and boys ,

Parents and children ,
Children and schools,
Doctors and patients ,
Civilians and police .
Armies and citizens .

Governments and citizens ..,

Corporations and consumers,

Rape is the main brand of coercion used in this culture ….

It’s the process by which you get someone to give you access to their body when they don’t want to give it, and then blame , Shame or accuse of “making too much of it” when they complain of being violated .

We call them loose, thin skinned, crazy ,selfish ,lazy ,irresponsible – anything to justify that they, should stop complaining , they “had it coming “, or “that it was for their own good “.” They just need to get over it.”

Today the poster boy is Mr. Cosby . Yes, he should be tried and he should face a long awaited justice . His victims deserve support and restitution .

And while this is happening – I hope that this culture , takes the opportunity to put and end to all of the myriad ways rape happens every second in this country .

Rather than making a few the judas goats- these are only the tip of the ice berg .

This country was founded and came to “greatness “via rape….

Xeonophobia, racism , sexism are rape’s cousins …

Where are the plans to make amends about that ?

Let’s go for deep justice.
Let’s finally clean house .

LSM 2016


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