When I die,
See the totality of me..
The story of my life
Really isn’t just the “good ” things I have done .
But rather the struggle and tears and crap , I was presented with at birth and swimmed through for a long time , and was lucky enough to be find recovery from. It’s about the self esteem I acquired along the way, and the health , physical , emotional , spiritual that I learned to claim as my birth rite , and then it’s about the gratitude I felt at my restoral – that made it possible to care about the needs of others .
It’s about how hard I worked to not harm my children , to hear their voices and respond to their humanity and how much every cell in my body loved them beyond expression .
It’s about how I cherish my precious grandchildren and the granddaughter I was blessed to share so much of what I’d learned about parenting with and watch that wisdom blossom within her.
And then, for sure it’s about all of my wonderful clients, these excellent women and their partners who fought the odds and brought their children cleared eyed and conscious into this world , the ones who bravely accepted the mantle of parent in this self centered society , and how they feel I helped them.
It’s was about – all of those beautiful babies , for whom I was one of the first loving faces their eyes focused on, and the children who could relax as I counseled their family towards better communication .
It’s about how every moment in my life inspired me to be one who can inspire ,
And how I never did this perfectly – but yet I feel – I did.
And how the God of my understanding walked with me through it all.
And how I chose love , whenever a choice was needed to be made.
Passionately and imperfectly – I always chose love .


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