Mothers Day was birthed as a act of radical parenting.

It was Mothers saying to the government, “No, I did not birth my child into this world, so that you can chew him up in your war machine.” Look it up!
And while its lovely – the cards and love poured out on us that day. Lets be sure that we are worthy.
Are we loving ourselves so that we can love our offspring?
Are we keeping our children free(as much as we can) from the crushing grip of this toxic government and its corporate over lords?
Are we fighting for better schools, healthy food and clean air so that our children are guaranteed to have a life span as long as our or better?
Are we setting an example for our boy and girls , along with our partners and communities of how to live in love and light , strength, hope, deep democracy and freedom?
Are we mommas?

I hope so…

Happy Mothers day1

The Radical History of Mothers Day – Huffington Post Story

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