I post this here because I was stunned to read this story. I don’t know why. The subjugation of women of color is not a new tale.

But the story of this young women, used as a circus freak and prostitute, breaks my soul in two.

We women of color have worked so long and so hard to be viewed in our full humanity, not as sexualized circus freaks.

Stories like this remind me why I shrink on a cellular level when I see young women in the “entertainment” industry, and especially you woman and men of color allowing themselves to be used in this disrespectful fashion…

There are those who believe that if a woman or man is their own pimp = that this means that they are liberated – empowered. I disagree…

The reality is that there are bigger industries that truly pull the strings; make the rules, and ultimately reap the lions share of the profit off of these misguided individuals…. There is always ultimately – a pimp in the shadows.

Its is my belief that we who are the descendants of slaves – have an obligation to walk in dignity for our ancestors who could not. We have an obligation to live long and abundantly for ourselves, and for them. That we ought to care for each other and support each other in living in the highest vibration of our humanity that possible for us as individuals. Not some role scraped out of us by the dominate culture…

Our value is not in our looks , not our bank account, its in not in the college we attended, or if we attended collage at all. Out value was present at the moment of our birth, and is increased in our our self esteem, and is our ability to mirror our own high self esteem onto the world about us.

Thank you for your life, Miss Baartmen, and may you rest in peace!

L.S. Morgan

Saartjie Baartman’s Story text and video

Baartman objectified: an early nineteenth century French print titled, ‘La Belle Hottentot’
Baartman objectified: an early nineteenth century French print titled, ‘La Belle Hottentot’

[tube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-7bKi5MFWI[/tube] The Sara Baartman Story.

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