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Archive for the ‘racism’ Category

wonder no more

I’ve always wondered what I’d do if I was caught in a disaster. The end of the world… It’s here. And now I know, That my plan is to love harder than I have ever done before. I will not waste a second. I refuse to be afraid. I will make sure that I spend […]

Another one…gone

I am taking the calls from my beautiful clients – the wonderful women of color who are expecting sons … I am honored that they reach out to me, and I want to comfort them – but I cannot not. Until White people take to the streets to protest the clearly unlawful death of a […]

Beyonce’, the Super Bowl and the Revolution

Sometimes I fear That my people are so desperate ,so desiring for opportunities for personal and racial pride, That we reach out for just about anything… I pray that we understand that of all things to seek this in the paid performance of an entertainer is a disrespect of our heritage and our collective struggle […]

Killing Cuts

Sometimes beign a woman means being one who faces a heartstopping series of attacks on a daily basis. From the direct threat of physical harm from men – harresement of the street – to being lied to by men who claim to love you – to being stalked by trolls on facebook, its relentless, exhausting, […]

To the officers who turned their backs

Dear New York Police officers , who turned their backs on their mayor, , here is what might be a very difficult thought, so bear with me. It is not shared with hatred. I do not hate you, It is share with love. The life of a police office is not more valuable than the […]

and the mothers cried

Saw Fruitvale Station tonight. It was my 2nd time doing so. Afterwards there was a q and a with organizers from todays brilliant BART action, one of the producers of the film and civil right attorny John Burres. It was a powerful and anger producing event. I am thinking of my sons, my beautiful sons. […]

Ferguson 11.24.14

Everything in me hurts… Why? I dont know.. Did I expect better that this? Not really. Hoped..Prayed…But at the end of the day, I have been a Black person in the USA for quite some time now. And I have seen too much and seen and experienced too much to think that something else would […]

The Task at Hand

“Every Black mother and father is a freedom fighter, fighting for the psychic, emotional and physical space for their children to truly be free.” That is the core of the African American experience. ~ Sean McMillan, Chicago Preacher Artist Mary Englebreit Thank You! Posted here with respect!

For Michael Brown and the other slain young ones

My heart this morning is with all parents who have had to do the unbearable. having to bury your child – is a crime against nature and a strike at the heart of hope. May they be comforted, and may they find the strength to continue living in the face of such abomination.. May we […]

Lightworkers Lament

I take a deep breath and state that I am no longer willing to teach Racism 101 . At least not gratis. It is simply too hard and too damaging to my core.. perhaps if I magically became wealthy.. I would because sadly many still require this instruction. I prefer to teach Racism 600 and […]