Sometimes I fear
That my people are so desperate ,so desiring for opportunities for personal and racial pride,
That we reach out for just about anything…
I pray that we understand that of all things to seek this in the paid performance of an entertainer is a disrespect of our heritage and our collective struggle here in the USA .
Lift up and feel pride in those who are serving the people with out thought of review or payment . Lift up those who put themselves on the line , speaking truth to power endangering themselves for us. Lift up parents who struggle and work to meet the needs of their children in spite of the odds against them.
Sure respect the skill of the entertainer as that – an entertainment …
In and of itself it does absolutely nothing to prevent the racial targeting of a black man or youth , or the untimely death of a black infant or its mother …
Nothing at all .


The following is a completely on point discussion and critique of situation – please read it!


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