Saw Fruitvale Station tonight. It was my 2nd time doing so. Afterwards there was a q and a with organizers from todays brilliant BART action, one of the producers of the film and civil right attorny John Burres.

It was a powerful and anger producing event.

I am thinking of my sons, my beautiful sons. i am remembering how I felt when they were small, how I loved to hear the sound of their breathing as they slept. How I loved to touch their heads of curly hair and kiss them before i finally went to bed at day’s end.

What a perfect feeling for a mother,,,knowing exactly where her children are, knowing that they are safe and that if you needed to – you can get to them in a second…

But then they grow up – and it all becomes so much more complicated. Forgive me, in this world they might not even get to grow up at all. and they can be snatched out of your grasp, out of this world – in a flash of second.

With the rapport of a gun.

Tonight my heart is with any mother who has gotten that horrible phone call – telling her that her son is dead, I send you love, peace and comfort. I cannot imagine your pain. i hope that you are surrounded by love, support and care.

And may we continue to work to build a world were no parent has to face such pain. No parent should have to fear that police might kill their child. Life holds enough uncertainty, enough unexpected crisis,

I go to bed to dream of a world with no war, no cruelty, no isms, no poverty. And I am committed to rise and continue to work to make that world a reality.

I am so sad in my heart tonight. So sad.

Good night my darlings and the very best of luck.

Facebook post 11.28.14

cop and boy

the story behind the picture used in this post. beautiful!

l samsarah morgan / urban nana 2014

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