There are white police officers who feel demoralized by the icy stare of a youth of color.

So demoralized that they fear for their lives and shoot to kill.

This is the most powerful and deadly image of projection and racism presenting in our country now.. Note: the one with power, projects that power onto the powerless – thus eliminating the need for compassion or humanity; and making killing the powerless easy.

No cognitive dissonance – only justification – and death.

That individuals engage in this sort of thought distortion is one thing, therapy can heal this in time.

But when structures of government power co sign and reward this – no ones life i

Samsarah Morgan / Urban Nana 2014

[tube][/tube]OBS leader Montague Simmons speaks outside Ferguson Police Department about unity.10502228_10202157515931558_4821268857331238481_n

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