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Dear New York Police officers , who turned their backs on their mayor, , here is what might be a very difficult thought, so bear with me. It is not shared with hatred. I do not hate you, It is share with love. The life of a police office is not more valuable than the life of a criminal. All life is valued the same in the eye of God.

I support honoring the lives of police slain in the process of honorably doing their job, as I support honoring all lives as they come to their end.

This is a completely separate conversation than the one we need to have about making sure that Police no not violate and murder the community they are sworn to serve without checks, boundaries or punishment.

I want that as much as I want a world where the community takes responsibility and power to take care of each other in law and deed so that police as we have them today – and no longer necessary. I want our community to reflect upon the disease of racism , and other isms and how they affect our movements and thoughts…and determines who lives, and who dies.

Rest in peace to all who will step out of life today. All Life matters.

Angry police turn their back on NYC Mayor

Vice President Biden speaks at funeral of slain police officer Ramos

Samssarah Morgan / Urban Nana C 2014

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