why sit ins mlk

I am very happy today.

Happy to see the renewed interest in the fighting spirit of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

The film Selma shows us a glimpse into what feels like a real man. Not a saintly martyr, but s shrew, intelligent, and thoughtful man. A Christian man, serving his community – a man standing up to power using his own powerful spirit, as well as resting upon the God of his understanding.

Selma gives us a portrayal of a man perfect in his imperfection – he is the right man for this time and this task. We see his struggle and we see his triumph – this film is a work of art.

I am happy for the memory of this devoted servant of God – Happy for my African American people that this film exists.

It is a gift to humanity.

As Dr King was, a gift to humanity.

Birthday Blessings Dr King.

See this film – take your children .
Change the world.

selma poster

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