I’ve always wondered what I’d do if I was caught in a disaster.
The end of the world…
It’s here.
And now I know,
That my plan is to love harder than I have ever done before.
I will not waste a second.
I refuse to be afraid.
I will make sure that I spend quality time and have quality conversations with my children.
I will facilitate and support my clients’ desire for the respect of their bodies and birth vision.
I will do the most brilliant teaching of my life.
I will embrace being an elder – I will not ever play small.
I will pray my best prayers, Dream my greatest dreams sing my most powerful songs and let my ancestors voices ring in my ears.
Every step I take will be a call for justice and healing.
And I will have faith in God, the inherent goodness of people, and the cyclical nature of life, death and rebirth.

Samsarah Morgan

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