You know…. Flirting is such a true art form! It’s takes true skill to be able to do it – there is such a fine line between sweetness with a slight touch of spice – and total offense.
I find men too concerned to even attempt it anymore lest they fail the effort…
Takes courage and intelligence to pull it off and also I detect an actual liking and respect for women.
I am watching a master of the flirt right now – he works locally ( won’t mention where ). And I have been watching him connect with at least 7 other women before he spoke to me.
With each woman – he said just the right thing – the very thing that made her smile and look him warmly into his eyes. All women ,young ,old no matter her race …,or size …
Every single time…. This while expertly doing his job …
Such a gift!
Note today there were only women in his department today… I expect that he treats men with same blessing of words that lift your spirits .., I get the feeling that this good man is just being himself and that smiles appear and hearts are gladdened around him, as he sees that as part of his service to his community.
It’s so nice to see ….

#ilovemyneighborhood #shamanareeverywhere

Samsarah Morgan 2014


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