Spike Lee is a much underrated artist . He is controversial , brash and brilliant . He does not seek to have everyone like him. He has never sought to pander to the lowest denominator in Hollywood.

Even when I have disagreed with him / I have had to stop and admire his facility with the art of film . His clean and complicated way of walking me through the emotions of the stories he shares.

He is on the level of a Scorsese or Spielberg, but now allowed anywhere close to their notoriety. His pride and racism are responsible here.

Note: that I have no fault in an artists pride – except that this privilege isn’t readily given to artists of African descent or women.

If you would like to see a film that I consider the best of his films – I recommend “the miracle of St Anna (2004)

This story opens with a mild-mannered postal worker . Who 3 months before he is to retire , pulls a Luger from his waist and kills a man who appears at his window.

This story beautifully and heart achingly unfolds and we travel back to ww2 when this man and there other African-American soldiers are trapped in a Tuscan Village.

In my opinion, this film is a master work and it was almost completely ignored when-it was released.. It wasn’t full of sex, it wasn’t an inane comedy and none of the men wore a dress and swore – so it came and went… But this film deserves to be on the same page as Apocalypse Now, The Deer Hunter, or Saving Private Ryan.

I won’t say anymore – but watch it. And when it’s done / tell me how you feel.

Love always.


st ana

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