It’s truly sad that the matter of virginity is often presented to girls / women as described in the article below. I speak to young women about loving themselves and making decisions that lead to her individual best good and solid future.

As A Christian , I feel secure that I am loved by God always and I feel free to share that with other young women of the same belief system .

We are loved and have our own wise inner voice that can guide us in taking these steps. Sex is beautiful powerful and amazing – and it can be destructive and demoralizing . Our inner wisdom can help guide us to the highest and best path.
These decisions ought not to be made to please other people – or to yield to societal or peer pressure – ever .

I was on eve told that the root of the word Virgin means , woman into herself . And this made perfect sense to me,because once one becomes sexual there are other people who needs and desires must be considered, not at the expose of the woman’s needs , but along with her needs. She is a lover,perhaps a spouse or mother, and it is a loving choice she makes to consider her loved ones needs as seriously as her own.

Vurginity is a time for a young girl of getting acquainted with herself. Loving herself. Knowing herself . It can be a wonderful time that sadly many push to the side to leap into the gown up world of sexuality.

Sadly, many girls are sexually violated in childhood and I this case it’s a blessing to know that virignity is not just a state of ones body; it’s also a state of mind. It’s vital to know that one can heal from abuse and reclaim oneself , ones integrity in the healing process. One can declare herself a virgin, a woman onto herself, at anytime…. Anytime.

Abstinence from sex out of fear of punishment is not evidence of integrity (wholeness) . Fear of “hell fire ” is the worst reason to abstain . These decisions should come from a grounded solid use of ones free will. From a place of serenity and readiness … Christians refer to this as the voice or breath of the Holy Spirt, psychologist refer us to our conscience.

A place where, in my belief , God lovingly dwells.

The thing about your daughter ‘s virginity – Article

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