witches grandaughters....

On this night before Halloween,
Let me take a moment to remember my Midwife Ancestors.
The young maiden from Africa who was dragged from her life, and found a way to survive here – she birthed babies.
My European ancestors, who were forced to leave their land in Ireland – they birthed babies.
Let me remember the ones , connected to me through the bloodsisterhood of Birth ; those tortured and burned at the stake – because they birthed babies.
My heart is with any birthworker – any midwife currently being harassed , or threatened with Jail – for the crime of birthing babies.
We know that the enemies of patriarchy have always been well born children, the children of powerful women and devoted fathers… Midwives facilitate the death of oppression, always have -I pray they always will.
Rest well my sisters, thank you for the path you paved for me.
I remember you. I love you.
And what is remembered, lives!
Happy Halloween! Happy New Year! Joyous Samhain!
Happy All Souls Day!
Samsarah Morgan – Midwife, Doula, Birthworker
And all my love to my gorgeous Birthsisters and Brothers who enjoy the breath of life with me – and share the joy, laughter and tears, of birthing babies!

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