Racism is a mental illness. It is a disease of disordered thinking which affects how one thinks about themselves and others. It is a deadly illness which has been the cause of the illness depression and the deaths of millions of men women and children.

Racism causes a state of mind that allows good people to allow, and sometimes participate in the abuse of others.

It creates systems which give some a false sense of superiority – on the backs of others. While at the same time mystifying the process – so that the one standing on the back of the other – feels abused and wonders why the person under their feet wont just lie still!

And while this hallucination is being played out – dysfunctional governments and corporations reap massive profits.

A huge first step in healing this would be – that each of us commit to healing how racism affects us. no matter our color. we commit hearing each others pain, without needing to defend ourselves – or attack whats being said. or worse yet launch into a philosophical or political tirade when compassion and attention are whats needed.

we can practice asking, and we can make it our meditation – what if its true? what if what this person of color? woman? child? poor person? undocumented person? disabled person? is saying about their experience , is true? and what might that say about me and my potential participation in their distress intentionally or not???

This is compassion 101 – lets begin.
I send you my love.
This is hard, we can do it though, in fact we must…

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