I haven’t said much, anything about the death of Monique, I haven’t been able to so Heavy has been my heart. It hurt so much that at first my mind wouldn’t let me recall her pretty face… and her babies’ smile.

But I do recall and I do sorrow at this completely senseless loss of such a vibrant spirit.
I am so so sorry for the pain that seems to be an increasing part of our world. Sad at the state of affairs between men and women, which feels at an all time low.

Sorry that a little child has to navigate life without his mother. Sad that this young mother has been denied the opportunity to reach her goals and dreams, and that once again tragically, an American women was slain by a man who was suppose to
love her.

My broken heart was with the ones I love from Occupy Oakland as they paid tribute
to this fallen woman and I am proud at the community response of love and support for her son.

What more is there to say? I am so sorry, and I love you all so very much.
Lets all keep up the work needed to heal this world –
and I pray this healing becomes evident

Long live Occupy Oakland…

Rest in peace, sweet momma. The angels are weeping along with all of those who love you.

monique robinson

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