Hello friends,
I have been sick in bed for almost 2 months now. I rise to write to you because once again there are things happening whit this community, beloved to me, that are quite disturbing, not only in general – but specifically towards me and my family.
In October for approximate 3 three weeks, I was barraged with phone calls from several voices threatening me and my family, this person wished me to state my opinion , and take a side regarding a dispute between two other members of the community. For some reasons felt it necessary for me to state my opinion and verify that I held the same opinion a theirs. As I refused to do this ( this person was NOT of my acquaintance , nor did I like having demands made upon me). The series of calls came, day and night threatening me, my grandchild and my home.
Once again, these is some question about me, my motives, my acquaintances. And this has been stated due the the book “people’s history of occupy oakland”.
I wish to thank the few true friends who called or messaged to ask questions directly and respectfully. What I do not appreciate are those who felt that had the right to insult, disparage and again threatened me. Because as I sit here, my phone is ringing, and has been ringing since last night – callers I don’t know, but who seem to have a huge investment in my opinion is…
I do not respond well to a mob mentality, or threats.
I will not be told with whom I can and cannot associate or work on writing projects with.
I have been a member of this community before there was an encampment, and worked tirelessly with all of you who were there to build the amazing experience in social and political change that the Occupy movement called us forward to begin.
I do not ban people.
I believe in restorative justice in all matters, even ones we find awful or offensive – all matters. And would seek the police intervention only after ALL possible attempts at resolution or mediation have failed.
I am demanding that these calls cease immediately.
I can appreciate that people might certainly disagree with some of the things written in the book, and with some of the people with whom I teamed in creating the book. Ultimately, this team is a group of autonomous people who exercised their forts amendment right to say that they thought feel suspect or believe about their exercise in Occupy Oakland. We don’t have to agree – but I would hope we can be civil.
With regard to certain allegations about the workings of Occupy Oakland, either by individuals and committees – I have sought almost from the beginning to establish a restorative justice council – whose job is not to take sides, judge and ban. But to use the principles of restorative justice to seek understanding and healing, to clear any misunderstandings, build intimacy, demand transparency and there by create community. This has not happened. The GA was not a good forum for such intimate work. No disrespect to the hard and often disrespected work of those who worked in facilitation, especially in the first amazing a stressful weeks of the encampment.
Without restorative justice and heart centered communication, I am concerned that our community has devolved into back biting, finger pointing, attacks, defends, all of the vices which plague the world around us. All of the divides of race, class, gender, opinion – can then be pulled and keep us apart. All to the glee of the government… who can just get back to their business of raping us all, cause there won’t be any revolution around here!
I ask with respect that you take a moment to consider what I have said here. And again I demand that the threats to my and mine cease immediately.
I remain your sister in this struggle and hope to continue the work of financial and social justice, and safety and support for parents and their children, for the city of Oakland as well as this world, as soon as I can. I ask you your kind thoughts as I struggle to regain my health.
And as I have not used anyone name, nor disparaged anyone it the writing of this, I ask that my name be also respected by others writing about this or any other occupy related matter. Thank you, Samsarah Morgan

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